Hotel Sa Volta en Formentera. Zona de Es Pujols.
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In 1970 our father and brothers inaugurated the restaurant Sa Volta a few years later would become the Hotel Sa Volta.

In 1977 they decided to expand the business with the construction of two floors above the restaurant with 9 rooms each, giving birth to the hostel Sa Volta.

In 1988 he opened seven rooms in the 3rd floor.

Following the philosophy of our father perform continuous upgrading of the hotel in 1998, a complete renovation of the hostel thanks to which in 1999 reopened the Hotel Sa Volta with news of the elevator, a rooftop swimming pool on the 4th plant and 3 Demisuites lounge on the third floor.

Today, the brothers are already Noelia and Francisco Ferrer Coast we are in front of the hotel trying to offer our loyal customers the same friendly and familiar that once received from our parents at a hotel in continuous improvement of facilities and services.

Brothers Noelia and Francisco Ferrer Costa.